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Rayna Alyse Wyatt is a 6-year-old princess who lives with her family in Plainfield, NJ. She is very friendly, with a bold and bright personality! Princess Rayna has been living with Type I Diabetes since she was diagnosed at 16 months old! She is brave and strong! She loves to play, teach, and tell stories! Through her stories, she will share the adventures and adversities she has faced since her diagnosis, and how she is growing into the Queen she is destined to be.


Follow along as Rayna shares stories of courage and friendship as she overcomes diabetes. "I am Princess Rayna", the first book of her children’s book series introduces Rayna to a world of new friends and a growing village of supporters! Meet Princess Rayna Alyse Wyatt, and join us as Rayna Explains It All, Her Way!

Rayna Explains It All, Her Way!

Children’s Book Series

This Children’s book series was inspired by the life of Rayna Alyse Wyatt, a beautiful little girl with a bright personality and many experiences and adventures to share about living with Type I Diabetes since the very young age of 16 months. It’s been a long road for this little Princess. The struggle is real, and the battle is fought daily but Princess Rayna is brave and resilient! She is determined to win the fight against diabetes for her and the millions of people who she shares this experience with! She is a warrior and will continue to raise awareness with her family and her entire village in hopes of there being a cure one day! 



Mom: Hanae Wyatt

Dad: Richard Wyatt Jr.

Big Brother: Richard Wyatt III

Big Brother: Ryan Wyatt

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